Client Relationship Risk and Wealth Managements Tools

Our website was designed with the idea of having a paperless, fully functional insurance sales office both in and out of the office.
This tool optimizes your and if applicable, your support team's time by synchronizing all data with the use of a simplified cloud database

Using the above technology you will have Instant access to view and update all client information and documents.

Insuria offers seamless integration with product provider systems and forms where the product provider has opted into the Insuria system.

Integrating Email, SMS and from a central console system. Synchronized with Outlook to Smartphones and Tablets for on the go data access.

Enhance management and administration through the use of a Sycnhronised task system specifically designed for insurance sales and servicing.

Insuria has been extensively tested with numerous beta testers from Financial Planners and their assistants to Complaince Officers, Product Providers and Clients. The testing phase has seen major development and has added to the stability of the project. Users of Insuria over the past 25 years have seen a production increase of at least 2 to 3 times all the while remaining fully compliant.

In essence the results of the product have come in the satisfaction of our existing users seeing substantial growth in there own businesses through the implementation of the following:

Automated Documentation functions, Form population and email generation that will reduce the time spent processing administration.  Task processing, contact and task synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

"Insuria will be like that staff member in your office that gets things done faster that you can imagine, without the cost and Implications of hiring assistants".


In the year 2000 Insuria started out as one man's dream to service clients with the passion and precision they deserved. The vision was to design central repository for client's details and relating particulars to be captured and synchronized real time across the office network. Insuria has grown in capacity with the additional skills and development of new partners and our design team.

The Insuria team strives to design and maintain a world class product. A product that will enable and assist financial planners to reduce turn around time increasing access to information making better decisions and overall improve customer satisfaction. 

Insuria Designed by Users for Users.

Rhett Cawood - System Engineer

I have been in the insurance industry for 25 years and have had to process client details, reports, FNA's and all other documentation the same way the insurance industry has been functioning for years. The frustration and belief that there must be an easier, faster and smarter way inspired me to design Insuria. I believe I have a unique talent I was involved in computers from the age of six. I have worked extensively with the hardware and software and designed my first program at the age of 8? I have subsequently combined my two skills for programming and insurance to develop Insuria. The design of Insuria has been enhanced by the input and feedback from some of the top Advisors in the insurance Industry.

Roger Whitlock - Technical Advisor

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with 35 years experience as a financial planner. 9 Years part-time lecturer for the post graduate diploma in financial planning. Ex-Regional Chairman and Director of the Financial Planning Institute.

Sam Cawood - Financial Consultant and Software Evaluation

Certified Insurance Consultant, specialising in software evaluation, testing and debugging.

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