Insuria Financial Services Business Profile

General Business Information

Insuria Financial Services is a Close Corporation that was registered on 11 August 2008.
Our registration number is 2008/177753/23 and our VAT Registration Number is 4330249832.

Insuria Financial Services is an authorized financial services provider approved by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.
Our FSCA licence number is 37085. (The Licence can be viewed here)

Physical Address: 203 Pretoria Road, Rynfield, Benoni, 1501 (By Appointment Only).
Contact Number : 0107863001.
Email Address:

Business Details

We hold professional indemnity insurance with Arch Underwriting Managers at Lloyd's.
Policy Number 515-ARCH-2003. (View the certificate here)

Our compliance with the FAIS Act is monitored by Simply Comply, a compliance practice approved by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. (View the appointment here)

Insuria Financial Services does not hold more than 10% of the shares issued by any product supplier.
Our representatives are mandated to render financial services on Insuria Financial Services behalf, in respect of these classes of financial products, provided by the various product provider contracts entered into as per the below table.

Business Key Individual and Representatives

Ivon Barrett Cawood also known as Rhett Cawood is the Key Individual and a Representative of Insuria Financial Services with a written appointment and agreement to render financial services and being a full time representative, Insuria Financial Services accepts responsibility for their actions. The financial services provider will not be held liable in terms of any prejudice in respect of services or advice provided by any representative which falls outside the scope of this authorisation, and any complaint in respect of any product which falls outside the definition of financial product of the FAIS Act, cannot be forwarded to the FAIS Ombud. Our representative receives more than 30% of their remuneration, including Commission from Discovery Group and Hollard. We confirm that our representative is Fit and Proper.

Our representative is mandated to render advice and intermediary services in respect of the following financial products:

1.1 Long-term Insurance subcategory A 1.2 Short-term Insurance Personal Lines
1.3 Long-term Insurance subcategory B1 1.20 Long-term Insurance subcategory B2
1.4 Long-term Insurance subcategory C 1.5 Retail Pension Benefits
1.6 Short-term Insurance Commercial Lines 1.7 Pension Fund Benefits (excluding retail pension benefits)
1.14 Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes 1.16 Health Service Benefits

Some of our representatives are under supervision as defined by the FAIS act and are undergoing the prescribed supervision process.

Our Key Individual who also acts as a Representative is NOT currently under supervision and has experience in the Financial Services Industry since 1992/05/01. Our Key Individual and Representative’s email address is and cell number is 0824566673. Our Key Individual and Representative may from time to time receive non-cash incentives from product suppliers or indirect consideration from other persons. A register with details of such non-cash incentives or indirect consideration as well as the Conflict of Interest Policy is available on our website.

Business Capacity and Services

We are determined to build long standing relationships with our clients and providers that with the objective to change their lives through a well structured finanical planning solution that encourages a healthier and more abundant lifestyle using the best possible products and the highest standards of service structures in the financial planning industry. The cost efficient services we offer shown in the below table have been made possible over 30 years of in house developed financial planning and client relational management paperless systems in conjuction with our many world class product providers.

Risk Planning (e.g. life, disability, dread disease)
Estate, Capital Gains and Tax Planning
Retirement Planning (Pre and Post Retirement)
Healthcare Cover and Planning (Medical Aid and Other Benefits)
Special Investment Planning (Education and other special Goals)
Personal and Commercial Short Term Insurance
Asset Management and Debt Reconciliation and Reduction

The following related services are provided to you through structured long standing relationships:

Malherbe Rigg & Ranwell Legal Services (E.g. Wills, Estates and Trusts)
DJM Accounting Services Accounting Services (Books, Debtors, Creditors, VAT, Tax Returns etc.)

Business References

The following clients may be contacted for references regarding the services and conduct of Insuria Financial Services.

1. Richard Rattray Concordia International 0113923713
2. David Chandler Avex Air Training +27119744855
3. Nick Carpenter CIP Industries 0117934420
4. Richard Blochlinger Related Education 0114311292
5. Duncan Goldsmith Rigifoam +27114210313